Tag: Software Analytics

How to Carry Out a Quick Design Assessment – An Example

Poor design quality and huge technical debt are common issues perceived in real-life software projects. Carrying out a software design quality assessment effectively and adopting the recommendations from it could improve the design quality. A comprehensive design assessment requires us to know the requirements in detail and weight different design […]

Evolution of MonoDevelop Structure

In this case study article, we analyze MonoDevelop IDE using Designite tool. We present how the structure and smell profile evolved (during 2011 to 2015 timeframe) with the help of a few graphs. By reading this article, you will know how you can perform a grounded analysis of the evolution […]

Leveraging Smells for Analytics

Software analytics has become a buzzword today and holds the promise of increasing the efficiency of software development and processes. A number of people are spending countless hours mining software repositories to garner retrospective and predictive insights that can disrupt the way software projects are managed. That brings us to […]