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How to Carry Out a Quick Design Assessment – An Example

Poor design quality and huge technical debt are common issues perceived in real-life software projects. Carrying out a software design quality assessment effectively and adopting the recommendations from it could improve the design quality. A comprehensive design assessment requires us to know the requirements in detail and weight different design […]

Why Care About Design Principles?

“The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion” said Larry J. Ellison (CEO of Oracle). Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before – with old buzzwords getting quickly replaced by new ones (do you still remember buzz words like “grid computing” and “semantic […]

Is Refactoring a “Needless Rework”?

“Refactoring is a needless rework – I want my team to get the design right the first time!” told a project manager when one of us were discussing software design with him. Is he right? Why should developers “waste” time improving the design of existing code when they can be […]